The PBs shown here are unofficial, unsubstantiated and unproven.
These statistics should only be used as a guide to your own performance within the various divisions.

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Division - 13-14
 Time  Position  Time  Position  Time  Position TimePosition
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New Zealand Division RecordsMaleMaleMale 
 Female  Female  Female  
Ben Flighty1.377121.836175.3461168.559113
Caleb Mills1.79141842.28532036.241218710.3172185
Johnny Mahutonga1.78331802.26321766.273319710.3193186
Jayden Garnett1.78021702.31042226.360422010.4504205
Adam Lawton1.86052582.38052816.720533310.9605309
TJ Mannell2.02164512.51364057.294648711.8286462
Starlight Celeb2.19085612.72075527.460752512.3707542
Rosanina Estrella3.10098213.530976811.550982118.1809811